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Vietnam Flight Ticket Booking – Fares & Schedules
– Internal flight coverage is pretty good in Vietnam with frequent flights to many cities. The price is reasonable and airfare can be altered without any difficulty
Vietnam Airlines is the dominant and exclusive air carrier on domestic Vietnam air routes with regular flights to over 15 destinations. Vietnam Airlines flies a modern fleet of Boeing 777 and 767 aircraft, Airbus 321 and 320 aircraft


Vietnam Airlines domestic airfares

RouteTime and RefDurationFrequencyClassCost (USD/ticket)
Hanoi (HAN) – Dienbien (DIN)Contact us01:0002Y85
Hanoi – Dong Hoi (quang binh)02Y85
Hanoi (HAN) – Danang (DAD)01:1504Y108
Hanoi (HAN) – Hue (HUI)01:1005Y108
Hanoi (HAN) – Nhatrang (NHA)01:4001Y108
Hanoi (HAN) – Hochiminh (SGN)02:0008Y155
Danang (DAD) – Hanoi (HAN)01:1503Y85
Danang (DAD) – Nhatrang (NHA)01:2002Y85
Danang (DAD) – Hochiminh (SGN)01:1005Y108
Hue (HUI) – Hanoi (HAN)01:1004Y108
Hue (HUI) – Hochiminh (SGN)01:2003Y108
Nhatrang (NHA) – Hanoi (HAN)01:4001Y108
Nhatrang (NHA) – Danang (DAD)01:1501Y85
Nhatrang (NHA) – Hochiminh (SGN)01:0004Y85
Hochiminh (SGN) – Hanoi (HAN)02:0008Y155
Hochiminh (SGN) – Danang (DAD)01:1005Y108
Hochiminh (SGN) – Hue (HUI)01:2003Y108
Hochiminh (SGN) – Nhatrang (NHA)01:1004Y85
Hochiminh (SGN) – Buonmethuot (BMV)01:0001Y85
Hochiminh (SGN) – Dalat (DLI)00:4502Y85
Hochiminh (SGN) – Pleiku (PXU)01:1501Y85
Hochiminh (SGN) – Phuquoc (PQC)00:4003Y85
Phuquoc (PQC) – Hochiminh (SGN)00:4003Y85

+ We only use Vietnam Airlines

+ Y = Economic class, C = Business class is upon request

+ Children fare: 10% adult fare applied for under 2 years old children and 75% adult fare applied for 2-12 years old children

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